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The difference between the acrylic light panel and acrylic grinding plate dynamic | | kay rick organic glass products factory, acrylic products factory

by:Noble Awards     2020-07-05
Acrylic (acrylic / Organic glass) Sheet from the material surface treatment, generally divided into acrylic panels and acrylic light frosted sheet, material is the same, just different plate surface effect. Acrylic panel natural light is very bright, smooth and flat effect. High transparent, highlighting, no bubble, it is bright surface, the basic quality requirements of the force that press a gram, no matter how thin or thick material, can do such quality requirement, which is why a lot of high-end fashion brand, the terminal display of the store, will use very thick smooth acrylic materials. Dumb face yakeli, also called grinding surface is yakeli, compared to light the yakeli, as the name implies, the surface of the product with frosted effect, from the point of view of material surface feature is not transparent. Dumb face yakeli the biggest advantage is, when after the acrylic material with your hands, material surface is not easy to leave finger prints, maximum surface to ensure the product is in use process of clean cleanliness. And materials in shopping malls, exhibition hall and store under the strong light environment of display when putting, due to the material on the surface of the frosted effect, even in the strong light irradiation environment, also won't cause reflective material surface, make the customers at any point of view, still can clearly see the content of the material surface plate shows. Whether bright surface organic glass plate or dumb face organic glass plate, are a lot of fashion brands in the mall terminal display rack is used, even some of organic glass display rack, at the same time using the two kinds of materials. Noble allow acrylic custom factory according to customer demand, production face and bright face different effects of the high quality product.
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