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The importance of the badge production polishing

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-14
Badge manufacturers made each one beautiful individualizing badge, have been a lot of procedures to complete, the product making out drift not beautiful, light is not smooth, simple sense is good, basic it is determined by polishing this link. In fact, the badge manufacturers and other craft gift is basic it is use polishing process, such as key chain, badge, luggage tag, dog tag, MEDALS, commemorative COINS, mobile phone chain, and so on are used in polishing. Today we will mainly talk about an important detail in polishing: custom badge polishing quality how, hemp wheel should play the role of cannot be ignored: 1, hard ma round, six laps and coil car line, designed enamel badges, badge of the lacquer that bake, copper and bronze color products! 2, loose hemp wheel, professional for stereo products and product radian, smaller product, the same attention to detail and small letters of the product, because use hard hemp wheel polishing, details will paste together, it will influence the aesthetic of the products! 3, hard hemp wheel, the wheels line, cast iron, and iron products, metal surface of products, because the iron is hard! With hard first hemp wheel cast it again! 4, cloth round, of course, the wheel is relatively soft, the product will be thrown after hemp wheel polishing mark, gently wipe with a cloth wheel, make products to the surface of the mirror, so that make our products better gloss, so cloth wheel is also essential for a step! Above is the crossbow Po handicraft told everyone polishing of small common sense, although is a little common sense, but can decide the quality of the products is good or bad, so don't ignore!
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