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The meaning of the Olympic insignia

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-01
The Olympic emblem has two narrow and broad meanings. Special Olympic badges special Olympic emblem ( 奥林匹克徽章) Refers to the officially released by the ocog, according to the regulation of the Olympic charter, the official Olympic badge provided by the organizing committee of the Olympic Games to the international Olympic committee (ioc), issued to the following persons: all the athletes, team officials and other personnel, members of the international Olympic committee and attending the Olympic Games, recognized by the international Olympic committee (ioc) international sport federation to the President and secretary general, each country or similar areas ioc officials, as well as the international Olympic committee (ioc) within the stipulated places by the international individual sport federation officially appointed by the referee, timekeeper, inspector, line umpire and so on. Awarded at the winter Olympics medal or certificates must be different with the Olympics awarded. MEDALS and certificates cannot be issued to exit the members of the delegation of the Olympic Games. Generalized Olympic emblem of generalized the Olympic emblem, and can be referred to as the Olympic MEDALS ( 奥林匹克销) , issued by the Olympic organizing committee, sponsors, media, to commemorate, collection and exchange purposes, therefore the generalized Olympic MEDALS including the used for identification of the Olympic emblem and used for commemorative collection of all kinds of Olympic MEDALS.
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