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The preferred dongguan kai rick organic glass panel

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-18
Today and you said is the most common in our life a kind of acrylic products, it is acrylic panel. Its application is very wide, why do you say that? We are working on the friend can looked at the side of telephones, fax machines were up visible air conditioning, bowed their heads and water when the water dispenser, etc. They all have a basic display panels, so look carefully, the hd, pervious to light a good display panel material is acrylic. High-end electronic products is made of high quality acrylic positive ultrathin organic glass panel, plus style variety of ICO icon, the screen full of glittering and translucent easily through simple sense, as a whole was serene and noble. Acrylic panel, high acid and alkali can at the same time, makes it easy to remove surface dirt, convenient wipe up, after the test, a cloth dips in the concentration of 1% soap water to deal with the scale of the acrylic panel, still if brightness is new, the surface without any traces of residue. In affection is acrylic, we often give customers do panel that, because of our products from material to process is one of the best, moreover panel more than 90% are need printing LOGO or printing design, just the process is also our advantage, from the consideration on the cost, also for the customer saving a lot! We are specializing in the production of all kinds of acrylic panels, organic glass, electronic products. Wide application, small to MP3, too big to all kinds of game consoles, motor panel, can screen printing, calls made to order.
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