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by:Noble Awards     2020-10-18
Luckily or lucky? On October 8, 2015 is going to work in the afternoon, inadvertently got a call from a landline phone display for fraud phone, I thought to myself, not to sell again, but for professional inertia or answered the phone, the other says, want to customize a metal color not honor MEDALS, awards, delivery is urgent, About 10 days of delivery) And ask whether we can meet the requirements, hope we can quickly if you can quote a reasonable price. Happened to be on the same day office-boy vacations, and set the products price is relatively complex, the second is, the customer's design drawings and didn't send us detailed information, so I said, with our customer to send information to me, I'll offer application processing and tomorrow morning before coming off work reply, customer agreed. The next morning, as soon as I work on dealing with customers, offer to clients at the speed of fast, only to find, just send email less than five minutes, customer calls came and said, compared with several quotation before, the price is reasonable, delivery, must be able to deliver on time, because time units MEDALS, not to delay. Let's give a precise answer, then, I again with the factory again to confirm delivery problems, everything comes to him who waits, the results agreed with the factory, accepted the urgent order smoothly. Now customer loss is very big, see which metal crafts manufacturers price is cheaper, our family soon change suppliers, this is the place where supply and demand and supply relationship subtle. Can never guarantee that the guest will have been cooperation with us. Crossbow bo just do the work and service, to ensure that provide customers with satisfactory products, in fact, a lot of time in the customer heart, the price is not the problem, the good faith is the key. Crossbow, have always believed that the harder, the more lucky, by the good faith to achieve customer satisfaction, providing quality badge custom, custom MEDALS, commemorative medallion is made products and considerate service, ( http://www。 ysgou。 Com crossbows, tourism handicraft co. , LTD. )
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