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Trophy custom is not to be missed the making process of the professional crystal trophy, rounding

by:Noble Awards     2020-09-01
Crystal trophy is the representative of the noble pure gift now common in the judicial department and company. It white, glittering, but also in the above lettering, grain pattern. Now crystal trophy is no longer the patent of stars, it has been into every family home, can be used in a lot of places, such as: promotional advertising, the ceremony, office jianzhang, conference services, public relations, to thank customers, festival celebration, moving, associate entrance, these four things, miss collection. We are on the TV, film or awards, just a look have a look at, such as actor Huang Bo award at the moment, at the moment when the singer Andy lau award, jay Chou award in the best sound and so on how desirable scenario is, many people are attracted to the beautiful crystal trophy, is not only the beautiful appearance, the structure of crystal cup what a, how production made also said curiosity, the following is specialized in the production process of detailed, crystal trophy: 1, material: choose premium artificial crystal production process there are: open ( Cutting is the whole piece of material to big saw blade high-speed saw the crystal size and the shape of the pressing needs) , pressing, coarse polishing, fine polishing, drilling, engraving, sandblasting, viscose, quality inspection, packaging. 2, pressing: with the required size and shape of mold to produce finished product, raw material and the high temperature to 900 ℃ above melting, into the mold, die casting. 3, coarse polishing: MAO of the embryo, the die with diamond disc mill directly from the groove of the finished product. After 4, fine polishing: coarse polishing, polishing powder to burnish the finished product to glittering and translucent get rid of it. 5, punch: the crystal is in finished product before completion, according to the required size and position of punch, punch to bit processing. 6, screen printing, crystal surface with different pigment effect processing, color layer thicker, focus on rear can fall off. 7, plating color: use similar plating technique in the crystal surface in different colors, with thin layer, the friction can scratch, a scratch, often due to the plating color at the bottom, so often use other objects attached at the bottom of the plating color, such as raw XiaoWen Town. 8, sculpture, stereo sense is strong, high technology, fine workmanship, high cost. Manual sculpture graphics, carvings machine. 9, sandblasting, stereo sense is weak, a level 10, packing: will be scrubbed clean, crystal trophy in special JinHe. This is a finished product crystal trophy as the new collection, slowly into everyone's vision, obsidian has itself not only the high quality and exquisite processing technology, and its appreciation and collection potential is not ignored. Now more and more people are making crystal trophy. Seemed so clear of ice crystal trophy, the key is this is I used to get the award, the most the stored well, you old at the time, such as sometimes take out looks for a while, believe that you still feel so proud of it!
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