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Trophy, is the soul of a race

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-30
All over the world and domestic, all kinds of sports, culture, and a variety of strange flower, have several thousand years of history, extensive and profound. Cup is not only let you reap material rewards, will gain greater glory than others a sense of pride. Develop a personal hobbies may need talent, opportunity, and even temper, but there is no threshold, as long as you like, you are an actor, is likely to be the winner of the trophy. Trophy by your identity status even get obvious promotion. Competition is our best friend in life. As the saying goes, a good horse matchs good saddle, cup match? As you might expect, the first is & other; Game is outstanding person & throughout; 。 The cup also has a long history. The earliest known trophy from the neolithic age. The warring states period to the han dynasty, the most representative of the han dynasty is elliptic, shallow abdomen, along the long side has a flat ear ear cup; Three-color glazed pottery of tang dynasty and grain ceramic cup's most distinctive; In the song dynasty, dou tea wind big sheng, at that time in order to easy to pick out longfeng, especially advocating black glaze cup; Ming and qing dynasties era of the cup is very delicate, glaze wen run, colour is gorgeous, modelling is rich. Modern celadon ware cup, porcelain color jade-like stone embellish green, slightly adduction of place at the top. Is commonly used in the current game trophy for crystal trophy, gold cup, glass cup, etc. , another common and ceramic cup, resin, metal trophy cup etc. Cup can be covered without lid, have a cup or cup put, can be merely a cup on the base of the cup attach other accessories, such as elegant cups, crack cup, one cup, and so on. Superior performance in various industries, in their respective fields should have one or more of their own cup.
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