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by:Noble Awards     2021-04-16
It is an honorary award awarded by the government, royal family or authoritative organization to persons and units with outstanding performance in a certain field. The purpose is to commend and highlight the contributions of the winners to society, nation, country and mankind, including sports, military , Scientific, academic or other major contributions or outstanding achievements. Later, the 'trophy' gradually became a symbol of honor and a symbol of fine cultural heritage. Where did the trophy come from? The history of the Chinese trophy In the Yin and Zhou Dynasties over 3000 BC, the prevalence of archery brought the championship. According to 'Zhou LiIn the 9th century, Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty, the winner of the Go game was awarded with a golden flower bowl. The dragon boat race that was popular in the Song Dynasty was also awarded with the silver bowl. The method is to hang the silver bowl on the benchmark at the end, and the first to get the silver bowl is called 'winning the bid.' The history of Western trophies and Western countries’ trophies come from the British Cup of Love. According to records, a king named Edward was once on a horseback and was stabbed to death in the back by an assassin when he received a glass of wine offered by others. Since then, such a etiquette has been formed at British banquets: a large wine glass is passed through the guests one by one, and circled for a week. Whenever a guest takes the wine glass, he not only has to stand up, but also connect to it. The people next to him must also stand up, saying that they 'protect' the drinker from being assaulted like Edward. The wine glass in this etiquette is called the love cup. At that time, the love cup was a precious gift dedicated to 'the best people'. Later, people transferred this 'love cup' to the winner of the game, which evolved into the trophy today. Today's trophy evolved from this 'love cup'. Until now, the trophy still retains the traces of the 'love cup' of the year. For example, trophies are usually relatively large, most with two long ears, these characteristics are left over from the 'love cup'. What is the material of the trophy? Three types of general materials: 1. Metal: commonly used copper, zinc-aluminum alloy, open-mold casting or forging, surface polishing and electroplating, overall elegant and generous. 2. Crystal type: mainly man-made crystal, half-machine half-hand polished, the whole is crystal clear, different light and different angles can refract different effects. 3. Material of dewaxed glass: the original raw material of artificial crystal with 24% lead, with high refractive index and strong permeability. 4. Synthetic type: a variety of materials are combined together, such as resin, plastic, metal, stone, wood, etc., and the surface is electroplated with a metallic texture effect. What are our common honor trophies? Whether it’s the classic football world-the Hercules Cup, or the art totem of the film industry-the Oscar statuette, or the company commends outstanding employees-real gold medals, or the army awards generals and soldiers-August 1st Both are regarded as the highest honor symbol in this field. It is very memorable for individuals.
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