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Trophy metal production process

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-14
Metal trophy, because of metal properties, metal trophy modelling is rich, convenient height can be very high, can reach 1 m high, custom general modelling custom and base metal trophy engraving customization, modelling custom need to open mould, mould cost is a bit expensive, but the special meaning, is suitable for the occasion, abundant activities important lettering custom suits to choose models existing trophy lettering, quick and convenient price moderate, suitable for all kinds of funds generally time limited places and activities. Metal trophy material introduction: general metal trophy material commonly used copper, zinc alloy and aluminum alloy die casting or forging forming, surface polishing, plating overall sedate and easy. Copper in metal ranks is resistant to oxidation and corrosion resistance, more important is its color vision is more beautiful; The same zinc alloy and aluminum alloy, resistance to oxidation and corrosion resistance of metal, but zinc alloy can be divided into two kinds of color, one kind is golden, another is silver. Metal trophies production process: in the process of metal trophy, so is etching technology. In full uniform cambium-like the surface of the metal trophy by optical drug resistance film, and through the original film, using uv exposure, such as, imaging processing, to form the shape to the drug resistance of layer of coating film was, again with acid or alkali etching bath, produces chemical or electrochemical erosion to show department, to dissolve metal trophy processing technology. Metal trophy is also commonly used in production process of a kind of alloy trophy, its principle is the etching process. By etching technology, is the use of erosion on the surface of metal, removing metal from the metal surface treatment technology. Generally speaking, there are two. The electrochemical etching and the chemical etching The electrolytic etching. Cavities with conductive cathode, electrolyte as a medium, for processing parts, centralized implement etching erosion to divide. Chemical etching. Use of drug resistance capsule, remove etching erosion, focused on to be part of the method. Metal cup can be used in shopping malls, exhibition, office, showroom, home and other places, of course, in store display, western style high-end cup often appear one of conventional props, precision rigorous modeling, high-end atmosphere, put in the right place, can well improve store display visual aesthetic feeling, able to bear or endure look. 。 。 Crossbow, arts and crafts professional custom metal trophy, welcome new and old customers call advisory! http://www。 ysgou。 com/jbdz. 超文本标记语言
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