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Under what circumstances can lead to deformation of acrylic?

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-31
Due to the excellent characteristics of acrylic material, acrylic products become more and more popular, has been applied to various fields, the advantages of acrylic believe that everyone's familiar with, of course, nothing is perfect, acrylic, there are some shortcomings, is one of the drawbacks in some external factors may occur under the influence of deformation, then in what circumstances acrylic easy deformation? We should how to avoid again. 1. High temperature acrylic in nature and composition are mainly organic glass production, people often used the transparency and chemical stability to make all kinds of different acrylic sign and some special arts and crafts. But no matter how solid acrylic products, placed or stored for a long time in high temperature environment easy to shape change, board face is likely to warp, and acrylic technician to remind people need to properly keep acrylic products is far from easy to produce the goods of high temperature or avoid close to high temperature. 2. Excessive force studies have found that if the applying of acrylic products for more than its external force load, this situation is likely to result in product cannot bear too much force caused by the plate part deformation. Some applications of acrylic materials products in the process of production to maintain, as far as possible, to receive strength evenly in to avoid deformation. 3. When making molding, molding shrinkage acrylic products produces a degree of contraction, the shrinkage is likely to lead to the finished product size deviation. So acrylic production technician, reminding manufacturers in the production or a certain amount of shrinkage acrylic products require when installation space. If the molding shrinkage ratio is bigger, can consider through the mold repair. Acrylic products and application scope of the increasing, more and more manufacturers in different industries considering bulk order manufacturers selling acrylic sign used in kitchen utensils and appliances or furniture manufacturing. Before ordering each manufacturer to technicians to know its ways of preserving and making, in order to avoid high temperature, excessive force and molding shrinkage of acrylic deformation caused by the waste of raw materials.
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