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University badge custom shop around, crossbow in quality will be!

by:Noble Awards     2021-02-03
In mid-october, a teacher from south China agricultural university, through the search platform to find crossbow bo's official website, online consulting badge worn by the school about the price with us, ask us what kind of material process is better, give some advice, use fixed number of year to ensure that can be used more than 4 years, the client is the material of the enamel craft, but in terms of relative prices are more expensive, the budget may not be enough. In order to give the customer a precise quotation, communication can save time. I've finished with the customer demand design drawings, with the customer to confirm the product size, advising clients if the school badge, general copper material of the lacquer that bake can satisfy, quality in the end, have a certain sense, and not easy to corrupt, price than the enamel also benefit a lot, can save a lot of purchasing cost. Hearing this, the customer feel very reasonable, let us first to quote a price and confirm the delivery to him, probably he apply to the leadership. Jobs because companies division of labor is very clear, chat with customers recently, offer some colleagues to transfer to the sales department to follow up. Actually such ease is in order to give customers a professional material Suggestions and solutions, professional people do professional thing, marketing is the main front is to develop the customer, the sales department is in the end, with their professional knowledge to understand the needs of customers to customers to provide professional technical advice. Is terminal, after-sales department is responsible for the product after using the tracking service. Customers in the know we have such a perfect service system after a little buy the impulse, but, after all, and even a question of price and the examination and approval, the customer will shop around, from the words of the conversation, to understand customer also in consultation with colleagues. Is probably in a week or so, sales department colleagues Q, I said the customer to send samples, proofing let's see how it works. I was secretly pleased, this is the step of success. Sample after playing well is quickly sent to the customer, customer very satisfied, after receive the sample directly under the badge custom orders, quantity is 3200 PCS badge is made, the goods time is 15 days. Was really happy, everything comes to him who waits, crossbow bo person with patience and professional customers trust. Both are: a praise for our quality point, quality is really can't say, the same price, different quality of supply, delivery on time. Although having a little ink in the process of communication, but the result is welcome. Don't look at only 3200 PCS badge production, more opportunities than we thought it would be forever. Remember to the end of last year and have a client is through B2B platform to see information to call us, start badge is very direct ask price, very straightforward order, later. Remember right, less than half a year and the pursuit of the other series with order and commemorative MEDALS. Have chance is always to the good faith, the strength of badge, custom, custom crest badges, MEDALS, community choose crossbow bo's right. I am a crossbow blogger, I for crossbow, tourism handicraft. For more metal crafts data are available: http://www. ysgou。 com 86- 579 - 85596776 thank you.
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