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Uzi awards, three oscars trophy most eye-catching!

by:Noble Awards     2020-09-09
Live in today, Uzi, Uzi's girlfriend, it exposes a Uzi live when indoor background. Uzi was absorbed in playing games, but he sat behind a variety of large and small trophy MEDALS, 3 statuettes layup. First of all he is behind the shirt blue this is 2016 all-star shirt, Uzi represents the ice team at that time, this is below the 2017 all-star, in 2017 the annual all-star is also the fist only one of its serious, Uzi is also that the all-star on the first action team championship. White it is the uniform of the Asian games in 2018, Jakarta, this is the first time, Uzi to compete as a national team player, also earned the title, although is an exhibition, but its the meaning behind it is a long, black this is by far the RNG colors. Then the trophies and MEDALS in the cupboard behind the left sides of the picture is Uzi msi moment after winning awards in 2018, its on the right side of the medal is 2018 msi winners' medal, the back of the photo and the Asian games MEDALS is Jakarta, want to know this medal only six of the country. Most photos should be on the right side of the 2018 tournament champion trophy moment Asia, this is the second LPL division won the intercontinental championship, the trophy together team were EDG, RW, IG. Cup on the following three oscars each year should be the most popular player trophy cup or xi, as one of the most famous player LPL, Uzi also won the honor for many times, the cup is on the right side of the 2017 all-star game title.
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