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by:Noble Awards     2021-04-19
What can you accomplish in 7 days? Seven days is the most common week in our daily lives. It can be from a stranger to a lover, or it can be the National Day Golden Week, a long-awaited perfect trip. And today, I want to tell you that the whole people of our motherland are doing a very meaningful thing, that is, exercise for the whole people and improve their physical fitness! The event organizing committee is also struggling to improve the participation of the whole people through marathon medals. Therefore, each medal is also very careful when selecting suppliers. Generally, it will be selected by the government organizing committee. Finishing medals. In order to improve our sincerity of cooperation, we will actively participate in each large-scale marathon. After understanding the local city customs and culture, we will give priority to designers to design, and then through our rigorous craftsmanship, we will make exquisite finish medals. , And we only need 7 days for the whole process. In order to fully meet the requirements of the event organizers and respond to the call for national sports and fitness, we continue to expand our design team, and we are not rejecting the talents of designers, in order to be able to design exquisite and fashionable marathon medals. Therefore, we are serious and sincere in making medals, and look forward to cooperating with you. Because we focus on cultural heritage, promote sportsmanship, and build a healthy career.
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