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by:Noble Awards     2020-10-23
In the 2015 Spring Festival approaching, samsung electronics through baidu search honorary MEDALS custom find crossbow, company will have to set an anniversary honor medal, MEDALS, awards as a excellent staff and mark with a crossbow for dozens of years of experience in custom and and brand awareness, and in many badge manufacturers became honorary MEDALS of samsung electronics, mementoes of custom manufacturers. In order to define the product approach and the accurate quotation, the customer to send the 3 d drawings to us, then we had offer the size and needs of customers, because the order is big enough, The medal of honor: 2760 PCS, mementoes: 107 PCS) , customer request to arrange proofing, 2 days we send the samples to customers confirmation, customers receive the confirm can arrange the sample production, progress in the whole process, because of the high work efficiency. Factory in the boot state, just plan to delivery a few days in advance, to the customer left a good elephant seal, straight quart crossbow bo business do, all the process of the whole order will E - Mail form C to the customer, very sweet. Crossbow Po process as always arrogant pride, wholeheartedly will do good quality goods, more complete. Strive to do not into bad product, not bad product production, not out of bad product for the enterprise slogan. From the perspective of customers, real real international on the premise of the interests of customers. Don't worry we should for profit to the customer for defective goods. Enterprise spirit heritage probably needs a greater than the pursuit of profit, and focus to do because the market demand, investment of time and energy to better improve the quality of technology and products, and every step footprints ready to make the medal of honor, believe the badge manufacturers, is a good choice to customized badges. Lucky enough to become a samsung electronics for crossbows bo licensed suppliers, is a kind of honor, have very great help to develop the market in the future. However, only was kind to have the opportunity to prepare, good faith, the strength of badge chapter custom manufacturer, only produce quality connotation and the badge of withstand test, to win the market for the enterprise. Order to get a steady stream of supply, and further speed up to promote the crossbow Po process implementation & other; Metal badges throughout custom &; Dream. Crossbow Po process original customer case, more metal badges, honorary MEDALS customization can refer to website: http://www. ysgou。 Com welcome call badge custom hotline: 86 - 579 - 85596776.
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