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What are the detailed steps of the production process acrylic panel?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-05
In acrylic products, panel is the very common one kind of acrylic products, are now used in many electronic products will choose acrylic panel. About the panel using acrylic material advantage here am I not much said, today I want to tell everyone about is & ndash; About the making craft of acrylic panel. First of all, the general acrylic panel, size, thickness and shape you decide according to their specific needs. Of course if you are not very clear also can let production manufacturer to give you advice. I will give you about directly below the making craft of acrylic panel. Cutting: the general design and good acrylic products is to look at the size after cutting machine cutting, tend to use laser cutting and mechanical cutting both, before a high precision, also do not waste material. Usually with different acrylic cutting, acrylic sheet will generally use paper protected that move be not scratch scratch. After laser engraving or cutting: cutting good or directly with yakeli plate engraving, according to design good design or graphic first carries on the preliminary carving or cutting, here the first thing to pay attention to the ventilation laser engraving machine, control the temperature, the exemption of acrylic fire. After trimming: general cutting or carved plate are relatively rough, so to fix the burrs, so make sure not to strain the hand, also can make made products sleek, increasing the use of satisfaction. Polishing, polishing is divided into diamond polishing and grinding wheel polishing, polishing cloth round and fire. Diamond polishing need professional polishing machine, grinding wheel polishing is to compare the rough machining, general final products out to the polishing cloth round, polishing cloth round after waxing will restore the acrylic material that clear transparency, fire general used for flash polishing, it needs to master accurately and quickly the fire, slowly product easy to burn out. Screen printing: now acrylic products silk screen printing is divided into three types: monochrome, multicolor ( Four color CNYK) And thermal transfer. The text on the panel design or logo, these were mostly made of acrylic screen printing process. Acrylic screen printing or silk screen printing, it is in the ready moving pictures or words on the acrylic products at a specified location. After the above process to packaging, and finally reach the hands of our customers. In the process of every process is more important. All influence the actual effect and function,
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