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What are the materials for custom-made school badges?

by:Noble Awards     2021-03-19
The school badge contains pride, glory, and the feeling of belonging to the alma mater. Just like the badge of the team and the medal of the Chamber of Commerce, they all express the sense of honor to the collective. School emblems generally include elementary school emblems, secondary school emblems, vocational school emblems, university emblems, etc., basically in the form of a circular pattern, with the school’s name and year of establishment plus the school’s logo on it. There are many materials for custom-made school badges. Our most common one is tinplate as the material and plastic on the back. The price of this school badge is very cheap. The advantage is that the printing color is very good. It is printed on a four-color printing machine. The disadvantage is The mass is very light and feels very untouchable. The second kind of custom-made material for the school badge is currently the most popular, zinc alloy. This kind of material is very cost-effective. The school badge not only has a good hand feel and a hard texture, but also has a collection value. Therefore, for the custom-made materials for the school badge, the editor recommends that you choose zinc alloy materials!
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