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What is the embroidery badges? How is it made of?

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-26
What is the embroidery badges? It refers to the LOGO or design through computer embroidery machines and other embroidering cloth, and then a series of cutting of the fabric and modified and so on, finally make it together with the embroidery cloth badge, the embroidery badges. In various badges, badge embroidery is a kind of important, widely used in all kinds of casual clothing, hats, Cap badge) , with ( Shoulder badge) And so on, is one of the large amount of badge. Production of embroidered badges can be customized according to the sample or in accordance with the drawings. Mainly through scanning, painting, If it is in accordance with the drawings to customize the second step is omitted) , play version, machine embroidery, glue ( There are mainly soft rubber, hard plastic, self-adhesive) , shearing, burn, Package edge) , product inspection, packaging, etc. 1, first of all, based on the sample, customer idea to design drawings, etc. For the replication of embroidery, draft without correct as finished product. We just need to know the idea or sketch, color, and the required size. It's not like production anniversary commemorative badges, must draw back in order to copy. We say & other; Drawing & throughout; East west don't have to embroider, because may draw it out. But people need to have some embroidery function to duplicate work 2, after the customer confirm the design and color, the design pattern into six times the size of the charts, according to the zoom in guiding embroidery machine version. Lofting architect should possess artists and graphic techniques. The stitch on the graph suggests the types of thread and color, also want to consider to play version of the architect puts forward some requirements. 3, second, edition division with a special machine or computer to play flower version. From paper tape to discs, in today, various version with no matter what format is it before, can easily be converted into any other format. At this stage, the human factor is important, only those who are experienced skilled play version of the division to badge can be used as a designer. People can through various means to verify the version of the belt, for example on the shuttle, use a prototype can make the samples, can let a version of the division constantly watch are embroidery embroidery. When using a computer, only when the flower version with real on the prototype test, cut after cut, do the samples. Your badge customization demand is our pursuit, we sincerely welcome the general merchants to come to visit, negotiate! For your every visit and every inquiry calls, we will cherish, and strive to do better! http://www。 ysgou。 Com or consulting: 86 - 579 - 85596776 thank you.
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