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What's the difference between a gilded emblem a few kinds?

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-30
Said badges, metal badge, almost all need plating surface, it is often used to all kinds of activities of memorial, in China, people love to gold, so in the metal badges, often have the customer need to be gold-plated, but there are many kinds of gilded emblem and, below let small make up a detailed explain for everybody gilded emblem of several major categories: there are several species gilded, 18 k gold, respectively, 20 k gold, 24 k gold, etc. , this badge made effect is very good, bright color and strong metal feeling, it is important that not easy to be oxidized gilded emblem, service life is long, suitable for souvenirs. Is integrating the strongpoint of many gold-plated badge, relatively much higher costs than other badges, in cost control at the same time, customers can choose imitation gold plating, can also according to the surface gloss of the emblem will be divided into the highlights and dumb gold, highlights, also known as bright gold, and gold, the dumb gold, also known as pearl both than real gold plating color, color and metal feeling will be a little bit less, so these badges, badge for ordinary, more suitable. Gold-plated crossbow, arts and crafts professional custom badge, imitation gold badge, high-end with quality, craftsmanship, quality guarantee! We use high quality products and efficient customer service to our customers high quality service, to ensure customer satisfaction. http://www。 ysgou。 com/hz- 3. 超文本标记语言
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