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What's the difference between acrylic and crystal?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-27
Due to organic glass products can be seen everywhere in life, while the crystal and organic glass on the surface is similar, in essence they are quite different. With small make up today to see what is the difference between the organic glass and crystal? First of all, organic glass and crystal material is different, because the crystal is silica crystals, however the organic glass molten mixture containing silicon dioxide. Secondly, organic glass and crystal effect, organic glass products only decorative effect, but in addition to decorative effect, crystal and special care effect and piezoelectric effect. Then, organic glass products and the price of the crystal, organic glass products price is lower than that of crystal. It is also different, their physical properties. Organic glass products of low hardness easily abraded, crystal because is the crystals have higher hardness is not easy to wear, and has good heat conduction function, feel cool and refreshing. And organic glass feel warm. The end of the day, the processing technology of the organic glass and crystal, organic glass to hot casting molding, save raw material cost is low. Because the crystal is crystals, melting heat after cannot be reversed, so can't cast in hot molding in, can only wait for cold working with cutting grinding method. It takes material and work, so the cost is high. Organic glass products use time for a long time maintain undeserved easy yellowing, the crystal will not change color.
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