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What's the procedure production can be divided into crystal trophy?

by:Noble Awards     2020-10-28
Crossbow bo crystal is specialized in the production of MEDALS production, the production of custom trophy, crystal trophy, welcome to customize the choose and buy! Crystal crystal trophy MEDALS can be divided into the following procedures: the making craft of crystal trophy (1) material: crystal trophy more raw materials for the K9 crystal and two kinds of artificial crystal, and K9 crystal because of the impurities and transparency are divided into a few, such as the best crystal trophy bubbles and striped uniform, not only crystal gloss and transparency is also very good; (2) cutting: will choose good crystal materials; to pressing mould to determine the size of the partition of the shape and size, so as not to waste of crystal materials; (3) pressing: crystal trophy mold qualitative, 900 ℃ melting crystal water poured into mold die casting; (4) the thickness polishing: crystal trophy after the pressing need to qualitative, can use the diamond plate grinding out cup shape; Then use polishing powder for fine polishing step, the glittering and translucent get rid of crystal trophy can be smoothed out; 5) plating color: crystal on the surface of the plating can be different colors, or similar frosted crystal surface, and whipped XiaoWen Town pattern, such as to add more crystal trophy collection value; 6: carving carried out in accordance with the original design of trophies, text production, crystal carving is done by hand, so the crystal trophy process value. 7) packing: design need to properly keep intact crystal trophy, generally wipes clean after crystal surface, in JinHe qualities bring flannelette. Set aside. The production of crystal trophies means (1) physical stores. Stationery stores usually sell forming crystal trophy, but offer free lettering services, we only need to provide text and avenue; (2) the factory. Suitable for large enterprises and annual awards for the party, manufacturers have professional crystal cup shape design personnel, can blend in the LOGO of the enterprise and the enterprise culture into the glass; (3) online shopping. Online shopping on price may be lower, can also meet the requirements of our crystal trophy, crystal are transit the risk of breakage. Crystal trophy identification method 1: watch. True and false crystal crystal through the sunlight, see the impurities and catkin material from inside the crystal, evenly aligned magazine is true crystal; 2: the tongue licking. Burning hot summer still cold crystal trophy, even sending out the heat of the tip of the tongue cannot warm hot crystal, so the tongue lick the crystal is one of the most simple identification method; 3: lighting. The color of natural crystal refracted through the different colour, whereas false crystal trophy does not have such characteristics; 4: hardness. Crystal trophy hardness is very high, and the density of the crystal is inseparable, so simple of gravel won't leave crystal surface scratches. Crystal trophy is just a milestone on the road of life, a crossbow, I wish you in the future also strive to be as transparent as crystal. Custom trophy price? Which good MEDALS made? Custom trophies manufacturer? Trophies and MEDALS customized services, all in a crossbow bo crystal
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