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What the most common styles of MEDALS in 2019?

by:Noble Awards     2020-09-10
The second half of 2019 has been rectified, is each unit, company demand for MEDALS in busy season, in order to reward an individual or a group of performances and achievements. So what kinds of styles of 2019 of the most common MEDALS? Please see the following steps: 1, wooden + gold/copper ( Horizontal version) MEDALS in the first place, the so-called wooden splints, affirmation is not solid wood, most of the material is plank of wood grain paper. This optional sex is not big, the real difference is that a gold or silver is used to write on it that east east, is made of gold foil or use copper plate. With thin gold foil material, namely has certain thickness, with metallic & other; Throughout the paper &; , the words are printed above. This kind of material is relatively cheap, short production cycle, but not suitable for long-term preservation, but if it is in the office, also no too big problem. Copper material is to use the real coin suppression and become, more strong, the words are carved up by chemical etching. This kind of material are relatively expensive, production cycle is a bit long, suitable for long-term preservation. In the picture is gold at the ends of the material, is in the middle of the copper material. Which you can experience prefer. Of course, this is only rendering, in fact, that piece of real looking less grandiose, still look good. Then again the color problem. Wooden color, can be either slant black walnut color, also can be a partial palm red color; The color of gold or copper, can be either gold, or silver. And choose which kind of color is tie-in, you can according to the practice or be fond of of this unit. Gold and silver, which one is your favorite style? Finally again the style of wooden splints, generally has two kinds, including butterfly edges and straight edge. Of course, the butterfly edge to be more expensive. Directly see PIC: this medal size selectivity is bigger, of course, the larger the size is the atmosphere, but you must pay attention to the victory ceremony put the MEDALS table or the size of the tray. In general, use & other; Wooden + gold/copper & throughout; Lateral style of MEDALS, mostly & other; Advanced grass-roots organizations & throughout; Such a collective honor, a human rarely used the style of honor. 2, wooden + gold/copper ( Vertical version) MEDALS on wood and type of material difference, will no longer say more here, and the horizontal version of the same. Need of special note is the relatively small size of vertical version, there are few hanging on the wall, is put on the table. Look at the picture you see: here, give your amway about MEDALS hanging and display method: in general, use & other; Wooden + gold/copper & throughout; Vertical style of MEDALS, it is a more human use of honor. 3, wooden + gold/copper ( Alien) The medal is only limited, no can't do. If you want to do STH unconventional or unorthodox, of course, there are many grotesque style design. As for what use need not, you decide. Common & other; Alien & throughout; To provide you with the following images reference: 4, connect body to stainless steel plate MEDALS, as the name implies, is completely made of stainless steel plate processing and MEDALS. Below: this kind of MEDALS applies to hang on the wall of the unit, including interior or exterior wall, therefore, is likely to withstand wind blowing rain. Based on these reasons, the corrosion resistance of this kind of MEDALS will be very good. From the using purpose, not as & other Two optimal throughout a & first; Rewards, and more suitable for as & other; Quotation & throughout; Use. Good, said these styles, we will read the words above. Common word arrangement mode has the following kinds: text about MEDALS, there are four Suggestions: one, 'can be both & other; XXX unit & throughout; , also can saying is & other; XXX unit throughout the committee &; ; If not the superior awards, but the superior department level awards, also can say & other XXX unit organization department & throughout; 。 You choose, should be combined with the actual situation, also want to follow this unit management, more attention should be paid to write after the whole layout is beautiful. Second, 'can also be printed or engraved on the red seal, something more expensive. Three, font, in general use boldface, wei rubbings body is more, you can choose, but should pay attention to font should not carefully. Four, is not recommended & other; Grant: XXX unit & throughout; Such words, because once appear, the award-winning temporary change of main body, you won't have time to do new again.
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