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Why are all the materials of medals made of zinc alloy?

by:Noble Awards     2021-04-19
According to the industry's veteran medal maker, most of the zinc alloy is currently the main material used in medal production, and it is also the most popular material. What is the reason? Let's get to know it. Zinc alloys can melt with a low melting point of more than 420 degrees on average, and are widely used in die-casting because of their good fluidity, corrosion resistance, and easy handling. More than that, there is another important point when making medals, which is electroplating and coloring, and zinc alloy materials are very suitable for electroplating. The process of making medals includes die-casting, electroplating, etc., and the finished medals must be corrosion-resistant. From the point of view of cost performance, zinc alloy is very advantageous, and the unit price is very cheap compared to other materials. Through the above advantages, we can know why zinc alloy is the royal material for medal making!
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