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Why processing the same type of acrylic product price difference so much?

by:Noble Awards     2020-07-06
Noble allow customer service every day in the face of many customers, although most of consulting products, pay attention to the point and each have differences, but also have something in common, the price is the chief concern of most people! After he received some enquiry for quotation, they said consulting to other home price, cheaper than us, some price even lower than our cost. So why is the same type of organic glass products price difference so big? It's the difference in where? The current domestic market mainly provide two types of acrylic sheet: first, there is a kind of recycled material, also called acrylic scrap, after this kind of material is processed ( After the thermal degradation) Generating ( Methyl methacrylate) Monomer, and by chemical polymerization. In pursuit of profits at present a lot of acrylic manufacturers, production technology is poor, degradation of monomer, the purity is not high, made from sheet, low quality, also the price is relatively new material is much cheaper. , of course, in addition to the materials there are differences, do manual work is also a factor to influence the price of quality, not grinding, polishing not polishing, not shave edge, do not clean the price will be different. So the next time a custom acrylic products don't just look at the price, also want to compare the quality, because the cheap things again if you do not in vain. If want to find a solid acrylic processing plants, might as well give us Noble allow an opportunity, we are all made of high quality raw material, finish machining, the quality is absolutely guaranteed, let you worry and effort. Service hotline: 4008 959 - 252
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