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Why the marathon custom trophies MEDALS are like? What are its meaning?

by:Noble Awards     2020-09-07
Sports market is increasingly vigorous, various linlin competition is everywhere, overwhelmed. Whether it's a marathon, trail running, or the ironman triathlon, and even health run 10 km. People are paying attention to the game time, place and route, application fee, the organizers at the same time, there is another important element has become one of the hot project that is running the friends finished the MEDALS. The symbol of the struggle for runners, a symbol of success, symbolizes the marathon trophies MEDALS of honor, in the eyes of not running, perhaps is not much difference with scrap metal stamper, is a little bit good-looking, have a little sense of design, do manual work is delicate. 。 Arts and crafts. If improperly stored, if will be one thousand, rust fade, they might become really. 。 Tasteless abandon eaten but a pity to scrap metal. 。 Now, the seemingly useless & other; Scrap metal & quot; On the design, material and production process, also become emerge in endlessly, more and more beautiful. At the same time, the runner for the attention of the medal, medal slowly has also become organisers to attract an important means of registration. In many runners, trophies MEDALS custom behind with very high marathon spirit. Three words, and run the friends of the marathon is still full of obsession, not let their money easily contamination. Will be quantified at any price, is a kind of blasphemy. Even in & throughout; A bargain & throughout; Before running friend showing off, if really no more than before, your in the mind also know that in fact this is meaningless, for you, represents nothing for anybody. I don't understand what's the meaning of those who buy MEDALS came back, more don't understand what is those who sell MEDALS for running. The trophy MEDALS, mean? It is a symbol of MEDALS in the runner, is the symbol of finished the race, is the figurative expression of the target, medal, is finished. There are running friend joked that: in order to get a medal, kneeling also want to run. Regardless of the left foot right foot tens of thousands of alternating step on the way, what you have seen, to get a medal of that a moment, is a symbol of you through the most difficult in the competition, the most painful moments. You beat yourself, also win the 42. 195 of course, all this is a bitter is sweet, frozen in this small MEDALS, how can not touched. It is honor will complete a marathon as a challenge in life, and to complete the challenge after the pride and meet all into this medal to hang in the chest, eager to present the results of finished the race, want others to see their honor. Hang the medal around their necks, and MEDALS, kiss MEDALS, became the emotional expression of the most direct way. It is witness sweat ceremonies are ordinary average you, useless also neglected, may this lifetime you will not have any surprises. But, when you stand in the street, the crowd rushed past, this through the streets, familiar or unfamiliar. Our great journey through life, one tender moment's reprieve becomes a microcosm. You sweat, you shoveled panting, leg cramps, even stitches, and muscle stiffness. 。 But it is the running forward step by step, let you more assertive, you find that, for the moment, more distant goal is not far-fetched, you can! You can depend on oneself! At this moment in the hands of the marathon trophies MEDALS custom MEDALS, after 42. 195 km, after the baptism of the marathon trophies MEDALS customization for you are not so common. You will find that it seems a little bit different, and the significance of something. And this is the so-called sense of ritual. From this moment, you have the image of the marathon spirit in life. When you look at the heavy MEDALS, accumulating, full hanging on the wall, that moment with happiness and feeling, is your proof of life beat out the most gorgeous light.
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