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With a 5km pace and 6 minutes a day, can you run a half marathon at this level?

by:Noble Awards     2021-04-29
With the rise of marathons, more and more people are now rushing into the marathon wave! Therefore, you can see and start running exercises with many people outside! Just like me, I started to run just because I wanted to run a marathon!   After starting to run, many people will go to the marathon after running for a long time or being influenced by runners! It is good to have goals, but plan for the long term no matter what!  In your situation, you run 5km at a 6-split speed every day, and then you want to run a marathon. My advice is not to run for now! why?  According to how much you run every day, I believe that if you keep running, you will definitely be able to finish the half marathon! However, the result after running is that your knee or ankle will be injured, and your whole body will be very sore the next day!   I’m here. When I participated in the marathon for the first time, I didn’t do long-distance training because of insufficient running volume. As a result, my knee was injured for two months after finishing the race! If you want to run a half marathon, then you must start consciously running some long distance exercises now!   First of all, you can try a distance of about 10km once in a week, so that your body can adapt to the amount of 10km first!  Secondly, when your body can adapt to the distance of 10km, you can try the distance of 15km! Some people may not feel uncomfortable after running 10km, but after 15km, there will be various pains to come to the door! Therefore, before the half-marathon, the 15km amount is also to be run!   Finally, half a month or a month before participating in the half marathon, you can try to run a distance of about 21km by yourself! This 21km is okay even if you run at a very slow speed! It allows you to experience what a half-horse feels like, and at the same time know whether your body can adapt to this intensity! If the half-marathon runs without any problems, then you will have no problems with the half-marathon again!   If you want to run half a marathon, you have to do it step by step! Don't be too anxious, I believe you can run 5km every day, and the threshold of 21km is definitely not a problem, but be patient! After all, we must be able to run down healthy and harmless after participating in the competition to achieve success!
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