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With the acrylic display customized knowledge

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-24
Want red flowers look more beautiful, of course, some green leaves of the foil will be needed. If you want to make goods more attractive, then leave the acrylic frames of the foil. For now, acrylic display rack has become the essential facilities, shopping malls, stores and other places have been used for a variety of different commodity exhibition, to promote sales. Now, the businessman in order to make an acrylic frames have better display effect, can customize according to their own products. So we in the custom acrylic frames need to pay attention to what details? A, according to the actual starting from their own: now there are many kinds of acrylic exhibition stand design, before custom must first to understand, to the most suitable models according to their own product customization. Because different goods, exhibition stand design difference is very big, such as jewelry, cell phone and electronics, etc. , so the tailor is the key. Second, choose good material: want to make a good acrylic exhibition frame should choose good materials, good material not only use for longer periods of time, and strong and beautiful. And the material of poor quality, short service life, not only in use after a period of time is very easy to appear the yellowing phenomenon. 1, acrylic frames of choose and buy should pay attention to observe the light penetration, generally made of good quality material exhibition stand has a very good pervious to light. 2, observe the colour and lustre of exhibition stand: good quality acrylic exhibition stand colour and lustre is uniform, the overall effect is good, so when the choose and buy must pay attention to. 3, exhibition frame thickness will also decide the quality of the whole, if acrylic frames when making use of material is not the same, then the thickness will also have certain difference, so the choose and buy is must identify the quality of the products according to the thickness of the material. 4, we can also exhibited by touch frame, according to feel is to judge the quality of the products. Good quality acrylic exhibition stand surface smooth smooth, feel is good, not easily leave traces. 5, acrylic frames the stability and bearing capacity are also very critical, good bearing capacity does not lead to acrylic exhibition stand easy to appear the phenomenon of deformation. Three, choose qualified manufacturers: qualified manufacturers, quality assurance, not only and in terms of the price is reasonable, won't appear the phenomenon of chaos. In addition, the design of exhibition stand design is novel, beautiful and easy, more reliable. 4, pay attention to the accessories of material: a lot of users is just acrylic materials and ignore the other parts, to know the quality of the parts is also very important, and will pay attention to in the field of lighting effect whether reasonable, etc. Five, the price question: believe that price is the issue of relationship between each customer the most, acrylic frames of different material and style. Factors such as quality, delivery time and transportation distance will affect the price of acrylic exhibition stand, so we also need to pay special attention to when custom. If you would like more knowledge on acrylic display shelf please enter our website: http://www. klk98。 com
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