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by:Noble Awards     2020-06-22
Acrylic display is the current market and preferred product display props, many enterprises are mainly made of acrylic board design is dedicated to special for display and display shelf. Acrylic materials has easy processing, good pervious to light, visual effect is good wait for a characteristic, made of acrylic acrylic display appearance beautiful, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, the product display can effectively improve the grade of product display, highlight the brand image of the product. Out of the sheet shape and the advantage of itself, the color of the acrylic display color is also important, good match can show the effect of get twice the result with half the effort. So Noble today allow to introduce the display shelf design, some Suggestions of colour. Many purchasing is looking for a display rack factory, is a direct supply drawings and then display manufacturer for production, but some not directly can reveal frame, especially customized reveal frame, one should consider reveal frame structure planning, the other is related to product brand show color selection. Show colour, of course, the perfect ability to attract the eyes of everyone, and color blending is necessary, for example, according to the features of goods: cosmetics display shelf, the classic deployment, of course, is the color of pink or small and pure and fresh, give you a natural Feel relaxed. In addition to the unique design, the color of the display is a breakthrough point, not the same color to make the person produces different feeling, usually red, orange, yellow wait for warm color department with high brightness, high saturation, comparison can bring ZhenFenGan strongly. On the contrary, blue, green, violet wait for cool color with low lightness, the weaker, give a person a kind of quiet feeling. Specific want to what effect, using the corresponding color is tie-in, of course, if you have no idea the collocation of color, you can directly to manufacturers of professional design for you, to get good display effect.
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