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by:Noble Awards     2020-06-23
Acrylic organic glass in the market today as one of the main material of thermoplastic, in each big market and advertising industry has a great proportion. Under so much need, also is full of a variety of goods on the market. Organic glass display rack to this respect, there must be quality may be defective show, so how to essence from many organic glass display rack to bad? Here I bring us some their experience. One, let's contact with acrylic frames to the choose and buy through touch, plexiglass display quality how can rely on touch induction. Surface rounded and smooth, and not easy to leave fingerprints and other marks, is the high quality display shelf. On the other hand, for the defect. Second, when we in acrylic display of choose and buy, can also through the percussion announced by sound and light transmittance, etc. , to carry out for judgment. Knock some acrylic, announced loud noises for optimal; After investigating the degree of pervious to light acrylic, crystal clear, and bright white is not yellow, it is optimal. On the contrary, it is defect acrylic frames. Third, second, we also have to think about the stability and bearing capacity of acrylic display itself. Present deformation or distortion of image is defect display shelf. On the other hand, the versa. Four, finally a specification, which is organic glass display their thickness, is also the most short measure acrylic display stand or fall of one of the specification. Thinking to acrylic display data, will cause different thickness. Argues that consumers can pass with the specification of the thickness of the acrylic display rack, mutatis mutandis, then measure the stand or fall of goods. Noble allow acrylic products, professional processing and customization of all kinds of organic glass display rack! Noble allow, because the heart, so professional! 4008 - 959 - 252
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