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Yue run laps in 2017 temujin grassland online marathon medal can be customized!

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-02
Hello, friends, remember 2016 yue run laps temujin prairie online marathon medal? It is a year, is bearing the weight of the stirrup of culture, religion and traditional MEDALS are still in your mind, in 2017, yue online marathon run laps temujin grassland has application in sight. This year's temujin grassland read online what marathon? Let us one by one. According to introducing, yue 2017 online, a half marathon and 10 km run laps temujin, three projects all the way, before July 2 0 points registration. On July 8, friends can use it anywhere yue run laps APP running to complete a single mileage, can illume temujin grassland online online marathon medal. Notable is, the yue run laps temujin grassland online marathon medal for last year atmospheric design style, primitive simplicity MEDALS with zinc alloy material, whole looks extremely rich strength; MEDALS overall modelling for the application of the bow and arrow with shield, grand and heroic memory vividly presented the prairie. On the obverse of the bow and arrow barb, asing if is runner indomitable spirit of portraiture; Arrow temujin three words vigorous, let a person can not help but reminiscent of the legend of the grasslands; Carved on the MEDALS at the bottom of the ChiLeGe exhibited the vast grassland beautiful scenery, make people charmed & hellip; On the reverse to lone Wolf totem image as the core, brave and fearless, asing if is the patron saint of runners; Below, as always, left blank, runners can according to their own needs lettering, customize a to belong to own, unique MEDALS. In addition to the medal fine workmanship, yue online marathon run laps temujin grassland line peripheral souvenirs and grasps the yue run laps always & other; Originality & throughout; The design of the attitude. Optimal pole sleeveless yue ran superman vest quick-drying light, let you ran out of the more fun in the summer. Online marathon marathon custom MEDALS, MEDALS, MEDALS, games MEDALS order choose crossbow, arts and crafts, more custom MEDALS: https://www. nobleaward。 com/
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