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Zhengzhou children of calligraphy painting the 24th national children's painting and calligraphy contest cup customization process

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-13
Zhengzhou children of calligraphy painting the 23 national children's painting and calligraphy competition and 48th annual world children exhibition opening, custom children's trophy, as a little encouragement extremely product small players to participate in the country. One: the trophy the upper portion of the eagle head graphics, in order to our little choice in the contest to all. Material selection + crystal alloy material, surface plating. 2: base with black crystal, add gold engraving. And the theme of the production activities, as well as the activity and the content of the LOGO. Three: appropriate to the height of the children's trophy, a 26 cm high. Children's crystal trophy its strict professional manufacture process is as follows: 1, the production process: material, embryos, rough grinding, fine grinding, punching, engraving, sandblasting, viscose, quality inspection, packaging. 2, crystal product categories: crystal growth, plane, surface and plane, hand-carved crystal growth. 3, processing instructions: ( 1) , material: is the finishing material to big saw blade high speed sawing pressing need of the appearance and size. ( 2) , pressing: to mold to produce finished product specifications and appearance, and then will add around 900 ℃ high temperature to melt raw materials, the injection of abrasive, punching. ( 3) , coarse grinding: press the grinding tool is out of hair embryo, immediately with diamond disc grinding groove of the finished product. ( 4) After rough grinding, fine grinding, and grinding polishing powder to the finished product to white already. ( 5) , open hole: before the obsidian unfinished finished products, according to the specifications of the need to open hole and place, to twist drill extrusion molding, such as making table, brush pot, bottle, etc. ( 6) , screen printing, obsidian surface with different pigment to solve, tonal aspects too thick, and the front can be dropped down. ( 7) Color: through similar in applying different color crystal surface plating method. Friction surface is relatively thin, may be cut. Because the color usually at the bottom, other objects are usually attached at the bottom of the color, such as the ecliptic 12 GongZhengWen. ( 8) Strong, carved: effects, high process, fine quality, crystal trophy cost increase. It can be divided into manual sculpture of graphics and machine carved characters. ( 9) Sand: stereo feeling weak, relatively flat, no AoTuGan, carved text and graphics processing effect in the machine. The cost is low, the production speed is fast. ( 10) , laser carving: computer application in laser cutting equipment obsidian member variables in the shape of 3 d stereo image pattern, expression effect is good, can describe all kinds of pattern, pattern, more than life. So don't think the crystal material is very cheap, can do this trophy is good crystal quality, so exquisite workmanship is also very important.
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