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A badge, medal, a story, a kind of feelings

by:Noble Awards     2020-10-19
A badge design is the first custom badges, badge design good or bad directly affects the badge made effects, including: in the design of badge badge specifications, process and accessories will be reflected in the design, so convenient and more accurate to make satisfactory tinplate badge. Metal badge, just as its name implies is that to have outstanding performance, has a big contribution to the society, the collective and get an honor, by the superior leadership award individual or society accept badge of honor, the general unit for badge should have qualitative feeling, grade, save the life of long, well-presented and seize the requirements, such as crossbow Po process, however, can according to customer requirements, maximum limit satisfies the customer the custom demand, combined with industry experience to the customer Suggestions suitable process and price. Today is to introduce a badge, medal, wei to do well the medal of honor, a network is to use copper as raw materials, stamping, and the diameter of the badge is: 55 mm, thickness is: 3. 2 mm, accessories: ribbon, electroplating for gold plating, and the portion of chapter, can laser the name of different well, compared to other difference is that the badge, the high-grade badge is made of two kinds of process, is to use made of enamel + screen printing, exquisite craftsmanship, concave and convex have send, for a person or a thing, has a great significance to commemorate value. So this medal for minimum quantity: 150 minimum, appearance can be designed according to customer requirements, content can be laser company LOGO and name, is a souvenir for staff who are good, welcome calls to map order, the advisory hot line: 86 - 579 - 85596776, introduce more product details: http://www. ysgou。 com。
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