Mr Alan Zhou

Mr alan zhou, the owner of noble awards, who was born in a poor family of the poor village at 1986,he was supported by father only because mother died when he was 4 years his young age,he learnt to be backboned,hard working, ambitious and kind hearted. he promised to himself that he must change his own life,change families life and help the people.


So,at 2012, he started the company that manufacturer and sell crystal trophies and crafts.but with the change and demands of the markets, metal and acrylic production lines were added into the manufacturing since 2015. this change made noble create the big advantages that we can do what our competitors can’t do.


According to his years of business experience, mr alan zhou found that chinese factories are lack of designing and marketing even though we can make everything. so, his aim is not only to make noble awards as the leader in china,but also,as a glory star in the world.



Our products are well-equipped and have strong technical strength,

which has been widely recognized and trusted by customers all

over the world.


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