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About ten of the advantages of acrylic display shelf

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-03
Acrylic display can be seen everywhere in our life, such as acrylic cosmetic display rack, acrylic phone display rack, acrylic alcohol, tobacco, etc. , why it can be so widely used? What it has the unique advantage? The following along with the small make up together to walk into acrylic world have a look at it. Acrylic display ten advantages: 1, good weather resistance, acid-proof alkaline can: products for the built-in light source has a good protection, prolong the service life of the light source products. 2, high light transmittance, as high as 93%, good pervious to light, the light is downy and bright is dazzing. 3, flame resistance: no spontaneous combustion and self-extinguishing. 4, beautiful sex: exquisite craft, the font is mirror effect, and the base with no fold, no juncture, all riveting the firmware is not visible. 5, hou resistance: panel coated with high concentration of uv absorber, metal base spraying paint imported cars, insurable weather for a long time, never fade, use fixed number of year for 5 ~ 8 years. 6, resistance to impact, is 200 times that of glass products, almost no risk of fracture. 7, rationality, reasonable design, rain moisture; Open structure, easy to maintenance. 8, high mechanical strength, organic glass, the relative molecular mass of about 2 million, is a long chain of polymer compounds, and the formation of molecular chain is very soft. 9, light weight, acrylic density 1. 18 kg/dm3, the size of the same material, the weight is only half of the common glass, aluminum, 43% of the light metal) 10. Easy to processing. Yakeli not only can use lathe cutting, drilling, drilling machine and can be used instruments of acetone, chloroform and other bond into various shapes. Dongguan Noble allow display products co. , LTD. Is a full-service business promotional gifts and household products of professional gift company, we undertook & other; Quality first, reputation first & throughout; Concept for the purpose, adhere to & other; Low cost, high quality & throughout; For the principle, meet the needs of customers and markets, with customers to establish long-term mutually beneficial partnership, mutual benefit, mutual trust. We look forward to cooperating with you, to seek further progress and development!
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