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Acrylic box processing custom which good?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-10
Dongguan Noble allow a large-scale factory processing custom acrylic products, in terms of acrylic box production, has unshakable status, a full set of professional equipment, and 20 years of experience, strong team with many fortune 500 companies depth cooperation, product deeply loved. Acrylic box craft: 45 & deg; And plane Angle of gluewater adhesive, chamfering edge technology, such as the logo treatment for screen printing, laser, printing, thermal transfer, bronzing, etc. Material: acrylic box adopts the best new materials in the country, high transparency, smooth surface without impurities, use fixed number of year 5 years deformation yellowing. Acrylic box features: acrylic is generally receive a case, moreover is the exhibition of dust cover, our biggest box can do 1 m x 1 m 2, can be done in the smallest 5 * 5 * 125 px. Single and multi-layer, flip to no cover, we can do. Exhibition hall products five surface dust cover, hand box, electronic product exhibition box, cosmetics boxes, etc. , can with LED lights, the product style! Price, fine workmanship. Delivery time. This is our Noble allow keep the purpose of the customer. Acrylic box if you want to do, don't miss the dongguan Noble allow! Our factory one-stop processing customized for you.
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