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Acrylic can how many temperature deformation resistance?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-28
Many people will consider when purchasing acrylic product acrylic heat degree, especially in the procurement of products, outdoor use Noble today allow small make up an answer to everyone. Heat-resistant properties of the acrylic is not high, a lot of information basic say acrylic noe is 104 degrees, but after the actual experimental studies show that acrylic in the environmental temperature of 60 ℃ - for a long time 95 ℃, acrylic, slight deformation will occur when acrylic products processing acrylic 96 degrees Celsius can do thermal deformation, acrylic melting point - in 230 260 degrees. Because general local temperature will not reach 60 ℃, so need to purchase acrylic products for outdoor use of words is no problem!
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