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Acrylic card/billboards/display card

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-29
Decca brand, set up signs on the surface of the table, used to display, display or the carrier of message, more for promotion. Common decca brand much is made of acrylic, because of the yakeli ( Organic glass) Texture, to light refraction is strong, high glossiness, visual effect is good, can benefit to outstanding product quality, so made of acrylic decca is most rare. Common acrylic bending shape, double with slot, may at any time change the content. Also some decca table card in order to highlight the products quality, USES in the acrylic screen printing on the back of the specific content, and then hot bending process. Acrylic decca Taiwan brand generally used as a warm touch is put in the bank, hotel, KTV, restaurant these places, but is now used more and more used as a propaganda, cooperate marketing word collocation qr code to improve viscosity of customers. Dongguan Noble allow display is a company specializing in the production of acrylic ( Organic glass) Craft products factory, focus on acrylic products nearly 20 years, the company brand has been established for nearly 20 years. Is a concentration of market research, research and development, design, production in a body production house. Nearly 20 years of quality assurance, wholeheartedly with all the service for you! Noble allow the show's official website: https://www. nobleaward。 com.
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