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Acrylic cosmetic display how to choose and buy?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-28
Acrylic cosmetic display rack has a nice appearance, firm structure and excellent display style is elegant, noble and elegant, and can achieve good decoration effect and the high-quality goods display shelf products play outstanding charm, there is no denying that acrylic cosmetic display rack at present has been used by the general merchants, but our acrylic cosmetic display rack when the choose and buy should pay attention to what issues? To introduce the Noble allow show you. Acrylic cosmetic display rack of choose and buy should pay attention to the three items: 1, pay attention to the screen printing acrylic some friends is the need to print your own brand on acrylic cosmetic display design, so we are seriously look at the screen printing of the content is clear, and also should pay attention to the quality of the silk screen, can wipe gently, do not use to pick, if not off things down pattern, and the results show that the quality is ok. 2, pay attention to the acrylic adhesive acrylic cosmetic display generally need glue, glue quality directly effect the beauty of the acrylic cosmetic display rack, we must pay attention to the acrylic adhesive whether level off, whether parallel lines and vertical lines. In addition to the attention of the acrylic adhesive whether there is a bubble, if they contain a large number of bubbles will reduce the service life of the acrylic cosmetic display rack; If a small air bubbles, under the condition of light also can affect beautiful, lost the acrylic cosmetic display high-grade effect; Only show a small few or no bubbles is the best. Finally, we should pay attention to is glued it to see if there is excess glue overflow, if have glue, in lamplight illuminate is very ugly. 3, pay attention to the light transmittance of light transmittance of acrylic yakeli is very high, can reach 92%, this is unmatched by other materials, so we in the choose and buy acrylic cosmetic display rack, we first is to test the light transmittance. We can use a pure white piece of paper on the back of the cosmetics display rack, acrylic cosmetic display rack through observation of paper clarity, if it is very clear, and there is no paper color, then this kind of acrylic cosmetic display rack is better. According to the three points mentioned above, I believe everyone can accurately distinguish the pros and cons of acrylic cosmetic display rack. Want to find high quality show to find high quality manufactory, only the manufacturer of high quality as possible to make the high quality product, Noble allow show as a professional acrylic products factory, professional acrylic props for numerous well-known brands in the world, we find let you more worry!
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