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Acrylic craft 丨 acrylic craft products 丨 丨 dongguan acrylic acrylic craft processing technology

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-18
In modern society, acrylic craft products more and more, has been gradually replacing steel products and glass products. For many companies or businessmen, custom acrylic craft products not necessarily finished at one time, the rest will choose stored in the warehouse, so we should how to save these acrylic crafts, to present the most perfect state? A, cannot use at temperature over 85 ℃ environment. Second, dongguan yakeli cold hot coefficient of expansion is large, because of temperature change the reserved telescopic gap should be taken into account. Three, acrylic handicraft can not save a with other organic solvents, more can't contact with organic solvents. Fourth, in the process of transportation, surface protective film can not be chafed or protect paper. Five, clean the dongguan acrylic products only use one percent of soap and water, with a soft cloth with soap water, can not use hard objects or dry brush, otherwise the surface is easy to scratch.
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