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Acrylic decca 丨 acrylic sign 丨 yakeli billboard 丨 dongguan kai rick show custom production

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-28
Decca play an important role in our life, it is a good helper of the advertising industry, market promotion. It sets product promotion, brand publicity, advertising display, etc as a whole, is a very good advertising display products. Decca application scope is widespread, in everyday life, whether in shopping malls, supermarkets, Banks, hotels, restaurants, tea restaurant, coffee shop, bar, KTV etc. Decca figure can be found everywhere. At present except yakeli decca there are other two kinds of material, PVC decca respectively, plastic decca, paper decca etc. And acrylic decca more high-grade durable easy do compared to other materials, acrylic decca show different region, its action also has the very big difference. Such as dining table decca can be used to display the menu for customers to order. Guests can learn about the recent new dishes, the chef recommends, as well as discounts and other activities. The staff can understand the guest seat number, whether positioning and so on. And in large meetings and big speech occasions, acrylic decca can be placed in the front row shows the authoritative people's name. Placed in the store product introduction. Can also be placed sign in Taiwan, to remind sign in and so on.
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