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Acrylic deposit need to pay attention to?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-16
Yakeli board need to store in the warehouse after produced, if not standard, the process of the placement may cause plank bent or other quality problems so as to cause unnecessary losses. If long-term stacking height not more than 500 mm. Moistureproof: this is the first to notice, acrylic material has the water absorbability, if placed in a high humid environment sheet are prone to deformation. Do not remove the edge protection strip (as far as possible There are trimming demand except) , if you need trimming, had better use PE film to package the plank, sheet should not be directly exposed in the humid environment. Prevent bask in: acrylic belongs to the rubber and plastic materials, high temperature deformation, so don't sheet will direct exposure to the sun or heat source place, to keep the temperature in the process of transportation is not higher than 70 ℃, best preserved for a long time in ventilation, dry environment. Stroke prevention: general acrylic is ordinary plate without add hard processing to avoid scratches on the plate surface will be a layer of protection paper or protective film, please do not reveal before use. Please use forklift loading and unloading process, avoid scratch plate and plate drag forming, if must drag and use joining together to protect paper, have to drag down stitching direction, to prevent the protection paper edge off. Before put in storage or transportation, stacked to the plate between the clean small hard objects. Cut the edge of the plate more attention should be paid to the cutting of pulverized clean, avoid scratch plate surface. Corrosion resistance: acrylic encountered some organic coating or solvent may occur when the cracking phenomenon, in the plate in the process of storage and transportation must avoid the sheets and the solvent or paint together. High quality acrylic have certain flame retardant, but also to stay away from fire or dangerous goods. Remove protection paper: paper board, when opened, the paper to the opposite direction of the force is close to 180 degrees, slowly opened. Because the weather is cold in winter, solve some relatively difficult, uncovered the hair dryer can be used to heat, slowly opened. While protecting the sheet of paper placed time not more than six months, otherwise it will cause protecting paper uncovered the difficulties.
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