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Acrylic display case compared to other cases of superior

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-19
Is one of the most common object in the shop shelves and display case is used to demonstrate the important products display stage, the need to belong to own everything reveals ark. In recent years, with more a display case is yakeli reveal ark, then acrylic display case compared to other cases and what are the areas of winning? A, three resistance: made of acrylic display case has good & other; Patience & throughout; : durability, weather resistance and flame resistance. In general, the service life can be up to 10 years, has the good protection system at the same time, avoid light premature degradation and other advantages. Second, beautiful: has the rich colors, layout and give people the visual impact of effect is good, own have good pervious to light is one of the beautiful and one of the most important reason, up to 95% of the light transmittance compared to other cases and more aesthetic feeling, fine process can also improve reveals ark of visual aesthetic feeling. Three, convenient: unlike other material reveals ark, use made of acrylic products are easy to maintenance and reasonable design and other advantages.
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