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Acrylic display case custom need to consider?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-19
Acrylic display case can perfectly display the goods not only, also be able to play a protective role of commodity, and its quality is light, easy to transport, price concessions, green environmental protection, high light transmittance. But the acrylic display case is a lot of details in the production, if do not pay attention to its appearance caused certain effect, will also affect the position and value in the eyes of consumer goods. Therefore, today we are going to learn about the customer what aspects should be considered when custom acrylic display case. 1, the choice of materials: the acrylic on the market now very much, the quality of haphazard, inferior acrylic is affects the effect of production, so be sure to choose good quality materials. Good quality acrylic display case light transmittance and glossiness is more good, strong and durable, long service life. 2, design types: there are many types of acrylic display ark, the user can choose according to their own goods to the nature of the best the most suitable design customized. Because the products are suitable for different types of cases there is a big difference, so it is important to note that when the design. 3, selection of manufacturers: the choice of production factory is the key, try to choose a regular and reliable manufacturer, not only quality assurance, style novel, beautiful and easy, and the price is cheaper, more cost-effective. If you want to learn more about our information, please enter our website: http://www. klk98。 com
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