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Acrylic display 丨 jewelry display shelf 丨 kay customization

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-13
Everyone around the jewelry store at ordinary times, do not know to have to display jewelry display props, those as transparent as glass, do not look like a glass and plastic material, is actually an acrylic display rack, acrylic display rack is the more popular display props in recent years, is not only the jewelry, other products also like to use acrylic display shelf. Speaking of jewelry, most of people's mind is glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, sparkling diamonds, precious stones, acrylic possess these features with jewelry complement each other, looks very rich, so popular with jewelry merchants, coupled with its advantages of easy processing, easy dyeing can make all sorts of modelling of acrylic jewelry display shelf, make jewelry display props of colour and modelling are not subject to any limitations. Because the acrylic is easy to shape, style and beautiful, the customer always wants to different production of finished products, to reveal their personality, so Noble allow acrylic products, mainly made only a small amount of reserved for the inventory of the sample. This is complied with the style of the acrylic products more element requirements. Customers need products, mainly to provide customized styles to finished product, you need by Noble again allow according to the sample chart to make a sample for customer confirmation, the samples after the approval by the customer to start production in large quantities. Thus the maximum extent to meet the needs of customers.
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