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Acrylic exhibition stand price cost factor

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-24
When the acrylic display price quote, sometimes have customers ask, & other; I this product so small, the price you quoted is a little bit expensive & throughout; 。 Actually there are several aspects affect the price of acrylic display rack, Noble today allow tell you something about what are the factors affect the price of acrylic display shelf. A, the high and low cost impact on prices is one of the most factors cannot be ignored. Here mainly refers to the cost of artificial cost and material cost. As now the level of economic rise, the proportion of labor costs in the current production is higher and higher, wages rise continuously also doomed to produce the products assigned labor costs increase. In terms of material, different drawing size and material requirements need to adopt the grade of the material, the difference between material also makes the price difference. Second, the packaging requirements of price influence, displays the influence of price cost factors mainly include the packing cost and transportation cost. In the packaging reveal frame, the workers is very laborious. Display shelf from the manufacturer to business outlets are generally go through transport of goods, the logistics cost is inevitable, freight height depends on the differences between regions or to display packaging have special requirements, the price will be different. Number three, the impact on the price of acrylic display rack price always profitable, as a labor-intensive industry, the more the number of the same display rack production, production workers, more and more skilled, efficiency will be improved, so the customer needs to show the more quantity, the lower the relative price is, the so-called a high-volume, low-margin business. Four, the influence of the custom requirements on the price for the product is your demand design production, different from the direct selling products on the market, reveal frame are tailor-made for customers personalized products, personnel costs will increase at this moment, need experienced teacher recommendations designed and produced in the production of different mould, it will also cause the increased cost of acrylic exhibition stand price.
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