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Acrylic material show?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-16
Currently on the market the acrylic for display shelf material very much, this is because the popular with the merchants, recognized by consumers. Although the display material various, such as solid wood reveal frame, steel display rack and so on. But the display is not transparent, can directly covered products, let the product is not enough attention. Although said there is a plastic reveal frame, but its transparency is poor, easily scratched, affect beautiful. So, acrylic display no doubt become the best. Display shelf with acrylic materials can have what advantage? A: high quality acrylic display perfect white, like a work of art in itself. Humanized design of led display and product more harmonious unification, excellent comprehensive visual impact to improve the product level. And compared with the past simple and easy to place, not only shows the appearance of the product design features as soon as possible, reflect the high quality of products, more attractive to the eye of the potential consumers, merchants more profitable purpose. 2: our stores design style is consistent acrylic display shelf can reasonably prominent company well-known brands, to spread the company culture, improve the enterprise brand image. Technology professional uniform custom yakeli reveal frame, combined with the essence of corporate culture and showed the uniformly with product series, orderly place, the diversity of style is convenient for consumers to choose, high quality shopping experience make consumers. Three: acrylic sheet manufacturing and show on the display surface is very perfect, the late maintenance steps are simple, long service life and little fade, also won't appear deformation.
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