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Acrylic ( Organic glass) How those purposes

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-04
The force that press a gram ( Methyl methacrylate) In addition to aggregate into PMMA and acrylic plate for downstream processing factory made into finished products, raw materials can also be used with a variety of other different monomer polymerization and polymer ( 有限公司- 聚合物) , as a liquid type, made from a variety of different USES of resin, used in the following products: & middot; PVC modification agent ( MBS) : used to improve the resistance to impact strength and the processing properties of PVC. · Coating: acrylic resin can be divided into two categories, oily, water-based paint coating, usually for indoor and outdoor architectural paint, metal, wood, plastic and other industrial paint. · Gelling agent: can be divided into two categories, pressure and the pressure. Pressure sensitive acrylic adhesives can be used for labels, tape, decorative film, protection materials, surgical tape, pressure type wallpaper, carpet, N times paste post-it note, shoes, etc. Non pressure sensitive adhesives can be used for laminating paper material, fabric, flocking, building joint. · Textile treatment: can be used in the production of nonwoven fabric, flocking, printing and dyeing, laminating and sorting purposes. · Paper polishing treatment agent and dispersant: UV sclerosis type resin polish for bulk, can improve the surface gloss of print and beautiful and advanced sense, increase the surface wear resistance and abrasion resistance. · Dry film photoresist ( 干膜) Acrylic resin, which has the function of photosensitive evenly coated in the tool ( PET polyester) Dry film and cover to PE ( Polyethylene film) Protection, usually for the outer circuit. · Other: MMA the other used engine oil viscosity index improver, emulsion type adhesives, caulking agents, leather processing, paper, coating agent, floor polish, textile auxiliaries, thickening agent, etc.
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