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Acrylic photo frame customized quote - Dongguan kai acrylic products factory

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-08
When doing consulting work, I often met, customer took a picture immediately provide quotation, I say is this is the case with them & other If need quotation, we need to product specific size or plus the number of samples, to provide you with quotation & throughout; Even the simplest acrylic photo frame, we also need to know the size, style and quantity can know the quotation. Believe a lot of this kind of circumstance, so here I am in acrylic photo frame quotation, tell me the how we offer simple. Acrylic photo frames associated with size, thickness, material, the price of the common frame size 5 inch, 6 inch, 7, 8 ', 10 inches, 11, 12 inches, such as size, the bigger size acrylic photo frame price more expensive; Also, the thickness of acrylic is in kilograms to calculate, the thicker the acrylic photo frame, the price is more expensive; The production of acrylic photo frame material, acrylic photo frame material and could be divided into two kinds of homebred yakeli and imported acrylic, homebred yakeli cheap, thickness tolerance is large, transparent color slants yellow, hard texture, do not bend processing; Imported acrylic high transparency, thickness tolerance is small, the general frame is made of imported materials. About the quantity, a little bit big manufacturers, such as we are in accordance with the & other; Quantity is with preferential treatment & throughout; , if you have to do a few words, we will be in accordance with the sample charge. Style is provide pictures or samples, if no, also can find our engineer design.
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