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Acrylic photo frame personalization for dongguan kai rick

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-08
Are you looking for photo frame made of manufacturer? Are you want to personalization frame? Dongguan frame production manufacturer Noble allow, focus on a variety of acrylic photo frame, acrylic handicraft production services, to provide you with fashion ideas, novel styles of acrylic photo frame products. Creative crystal and transparent acrylic photo frame customization, Noble allow direct manufacturers! Acrylic photo frame is mainly composed of two pieces of crystal clear acrylic panel crystal panel, coupled with the corner of fixed screw. Strong anti-throw wear not only, and through a strong little magnets, interesting, positioning accuracy, changing the photo is very convenient, in the middle can be placed back-to-back two photos! Acrylic photo frame of the scope of application is very wide, not only can be used to put photos, still can put tags, authorization card, diploma, as table tablet stands, posters and so on. Many companies will be fixed on the wall for propaganda with it. Noble allow manufacturers strength, has nearly 20 years experience in producing acrylic products, we each frame of the quality of the products are strictly controlled, acceptance inspection and full inspection. Choose us, in terms of price advantage is quite obvious. Export quality, price concessions.
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