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by:Noble Awards     2020-06-07
Acrylic is a new kind of engineering materials, due to its excellent machining performance, in the domestic demand is increasing, the product has spread across industries. Acrylic photo frame is one of the acrylic is relatively mature products. Acrylic photo frames are mostly have two piece of yakeli board assembled, the two pieces of fixed way is divided into the following process: bonding fixed, fixed, magnets fixed decoration nailed or advertising. Advertisement nail fixed: two pieces of acrylic photogenic corresponding holes, and then put the pictures in acrylic corresponding to the position of the general decoration nail or directly on the acrylic sheet. Adhesive is fixed: cutting good acrylic article first, it is good bonding between the two pieces of acrylic sheet, acrylic intermediate form a certain space, and then insert the photos. Adhesive must be clean, do not have bubbles so as not to affect beautiful. Magnets: inserted magnet yakeli board, magnets with yakeli the surface flat surface. Magnets can't stand out, two pieces of acrylic hole must be symmetrical, don't drift, then put pictures in yakeli board centered. Fashion and beautiful photo frame to complete! Noble allow acrylic photo frame picture frame design, more support to figure make to order, to be customized and can be printed logo, your size. Welcome to customize, if you want to know more acrylic photo frame picture frame can enter our website: http://www. klk98。 Com /, can telephone contact us: - 4008 959 - 252
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