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by:Noble Awards     2020-06-09
The size of the acrylic photo frame is made according to the size of photos, acrylic photo frame size will be more than more commonly 2 ~ 3 cm left side, will be more beautiful, plus some strong magnetic photo frame, need to reserve a strong magnetic Mosaic hole location. Collected here are Noble allow small make up photos of common size, on the basis of adding a 2 ~ 3 cm is the size of the acrylic photo frame, Noble, of course, allow an acrylic processing factory can customize according to the demand for acrylic photo frame, how big the size is ok. 5 '3. 5× 5 '( 8. 9× 317. 5厘米) 6 inch 4 & times; 6 inches ( 10. 2× 380厘米) 4. 5× 6 inches ( 11. 4× 380厘米) 7 inches 5 & times; 7 inches ( 12. 7× 445厘米) 8 '6 & times; 8 '( 15. 2× 507. 5厘米) 10 inch 8 & times; 10 inches ( 20. 3× 635厘米) 11 '8 & times; 12 '( 20. 3× 762. 5厘米) 12 inch 10 & times; 12 '( 25. 4× 762. 5厘米) Above is common photo size, length and width on these size add a 2 ~ 3 cm is ok, according to every man's aesthetic and practical use, of course, also can be left side, if you need custom picture frame or if you have any question can contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly
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